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Half new year film

1/2 New Year

Every last Saturday in June, this LA group of friends throw a “1/2 New Year” party where they pop bottles, make new resolutions, and give the year a reboot with a night to really let loose. At last year’s party, one of the friends has a frightening breakdown that changes relationships. This year, as the gang prepares for and then celebrates what might be their last 1/2 New Year party ever, secrets are revealed, couples either grow up or break up, friends learn to ask for help, and each character gets a little closer to discovering who they are and who they want to become. This film is a celebration of friends, who are the family we get to choose.

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Half new year film


Main Talent

Ashley Platz
Bo Youngblood
Brooke Lewis
Drew McAnany
Jeff Dye
John Ierardi
Matt Schulte
Rebecca Vinagro
Rome Flynn
Shanley Caswell


Tom Morash


Georgia Menides
Tom Morash
Zachary Block


Drew McAnany
Georgia Menides




Coming of Age

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