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Alonzo bodden heavy lightweight

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight

In this day and age if it were all heavy it wouldn’t be a comedy special, it would be a depression special, and Alonzo Bodden is very aware of this. That’s why he goes back and forth, from Heavy to Lightweight, because he knows we need a break from news in comedy. Police description might be “big, scary black guy” but he’s regularly on NPR. How scary could he be? He isn’t afraid to talk about topics like slavery, then cell phones, the #MeToo Movement then millennials, Kanye and Taco Bell and a little bit about Israel too. He likes to mix it up and he hopes you will join him for a laugh and a think or two.

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Alonzo bodden heavy lightweight

Heavy Lightweight


Main Talent :

Alonzo Bodden

Directors :

Devon Shepard

Producers :

Brian Volk-Weiss, Cisco Henson, Ian Arougheti

Writers :

Alonzo Bodden

Genre :

Comedy, Diversity, Stand Up

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 

Not Rated

Copyright : 

Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight

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