Dan Cummins: Get Outta Here; Devil!

Dan Cummins: Get Outta Here; Devil!

In his third hour special, comic and podcaster Dan Cummins presents some of his most outrageous material to date. Dan mocks those who believe in the lizard illuminati, a flat earth, the notion that you can sell your soul to Satan, and more. Dan even makes fun of himself for once having sex with a banana peel in a grocery store bathroom – nothing’s too weird or dark. Dan jokes about his kids, his ongoing hatred of strangers, and even offers to improve the world by killing a lot of people. Enjoy!

“This is the first album of material that, from beginning to end, was built in front of audiences that were primarily already fans of mine,” Cummins tells Vanyaland. “It felt a little different in a really good way, where I felt like I could stretch, and take chances that I might not have felt comfortable taking before, and to be a bit more opinionated, and obviously still goofy and funny. . . I’ve always heard from people that you get more comfortable in your skin as you get older, and that’s definitely been true for me. I never really censored myself in previous hours, but this one is definitely the most comfortable I’ve felt expressing my opinions,” says Cummins. “On Crazy With a Capital F, it was more of an experiment, where I intentionally picked the weirdest thoughts I had to share. That was definitely a conscious effort to say ‘here’s the weirdest shit I can talk to you about,’ where the ones since have focused on what I’m thinking at the time, and here’s what my family is up to at the time, and they’ve been honest to who I was at those points in my life.”
– Vanyaland.com: Dan Cummins – Get Outta Here; Devil!

Apr 28, 2020
  • ComedyDynamics

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