Del Harrison: From the Mouth of a Black Woman

Del Harrison realized a few things: that white people in LA are cool, her “Nigerian” heritage is in question and her recent divorce from an interracial church was the right thing to do and a “certain type of work” is legal in particular situations. Del’s impeccable storytelling transcends from her jokes to her original music as she is accompanied by a live band and her talented singing sisters to deliver a night of magic while we peak inside her life off the stage in short docustyle videos.

Del harrison: from the mouth of a black woman premier

From the Mouth of a Black Woman


Main Talent :

Del Harrison

Directors :

Del Harrison, Luis Reyes

Producers :

Del Harrison, Luis Reyes

Writers :

Del Harrison

Genre :

Comedy, Stand Up

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 


Copyright : 

2023, Del Harrison LLC, Butcher Bird Studios

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