Dick Hopper: Private Eye

Vincent Dinero brutally murders his father in a power play for the family’s fortune. To cover his tracks, he hoodwinks Dick Hopper, a local private investigator, into clearing his name and framing his innocent brother, Earnest Dinero, for the crime. Instead of uncovering evidence to support Vincent’s claim, Dick unwittingly exposes a sinister web of criminal activity revolving around the city’s most dangerous drug: corn. Beyond its status as an absurd satire, Dick Hopper is also a loving tribute to the genre it parodies. With shadowy, black-and-white production, a slow-burning jazz soundtrack, and a wide ensemble of characters that runs the gamut of crime movie archetypes, Dick Hopper serves as a love letter to film noir, even as it skewers the genre with no mercy.

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Dick hopper private eye comedy series

Private Eye


Main Talent :

Frank Gullihur, Jen Bashian, Tommy Rudd Fleming

Directors :

Alex Vazquez

Producers :

Alex Vazquez, Grant Collins, Paul Stanko, Riley Smith, Tommy Fleming

Writers :

Tommy Fleming Riley Smith

Genre :

Comedy, Film Noir

Runtime : 

12 episodes, Roughly 10 minutes each

Premiere : 


Rating : 

Not Rated

Copyright : 

© 2015 Fleming Films

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