Dick Hopper: Private Eye

Vincent Dinero brutally murders his father in a power play for the family’s fortune. To cover his tracks, he hoodwinks Dick Hopper, a local private investigator, into clearing his name and framing his innocent brother, Earnest Dinero, for the crime. Instead of uncovering evidence to support Vincent’s claim, Dick unwittingly exposes a sinister web of criminal activity revolving around the city’s most dangerous drug: corn. Beyond its status as an absurd satire, Dick Hopper is also a loving tribute to the genre it parodies. With shadowy, black-and-white production, a slow-burning jazz soundtrack, and a wide ensemble of characters that runs the gamut of crime movie archetypes, Dick Hopper serves as a love letter to film noir, even as it skewers the genre with no mercy.
dick hopper private eye comedy series

Main Talent

Frank Gullihur, Jen Bashian, Tommy Rudd Fleming


Alex Vazquez


Alex Vazquez, Grant Collins, Paul Stanko, Riley Smith, Tommy Fleming


Tommy Fleming Riley Smith


12 episodes, Roughly 10 minutes each




Comedy, Film Noir


Not Rated


© 2015 Fleming Films

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