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Grass a film by tanuj chopra


Sundance alum Tanuj Chopra reinvents stoner cinema with this hilarious, Broad City-esque female arthouse comedy. Good girl Cam’s got a problem: she has to deliver a backpack full of weed for her drug-dealing fianc√©. When she seeks help from her best friend, pothead slacker Jinky, the duo find themselves stranded in a park, contemplating love, life, and pizza.

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Grass a film by tanuj chopra


Main Talent :

Emily C. Chang, Pia Shah

Directors :

Tanuj Chopra

Producers :

Tanuj Chopra

Writers :

Emily Chang, Pia Shah, Tanuj Chopra

Genre :

Stoner Comedy

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 

Not Rated

Copyright : 

© 2016 Chops Films

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