Hollywood Fringe

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE is the story of down-on-their luck, 40-something, non- power couple Samantha and Travis Sunstrom. Samantha and Travis’s pet project “Rainbow Farm”- about young idealists bent on improving the world- has finally been green-lit, but only on the condition that a younger actress takes Samantha’s role. As Travis watches “Rainbow Farm” become a caricature of their original concept, Samantha decides to revisit a whacked-out experimental theater piece from her youth called “The Alien Play.” On the fringes of Hollywood, everyone’s still trying to find their role in life.

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Hollywood fringe


Main Talent :

Jennifer Prediger, Justin Kirk

Directors :

Megan Huber, Wyatt McDill

Producers :

Megan Huber, Suzanne Fenton

Writers :

Wyatt McDill

Genre :

Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Parody, Satire

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 

Not Rated

Copyright : 

© 2021 Sleeper Cell Films & Hollywood Fringe LLC

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