Juliette Burton: Defined

How would you define yourself in 5 words? Juliette Burton is struggling to evaluate herself in this truly charming and life affirming show. Burton shares powerful and candid stories of her battles with her own mental health and ultimately comes to the conclusion that all humans are ultimately undefinable. In 2018 Juliette was listed as ‘one to watch’ in The Times’ ‘Best of Edinburgh Fringe’ shortlist, ‘Best Comedy To See’ in the Sunday Times Culture magazine and in The Telegraph’s ‘Rising Stars’ of the Edinburgh Fringe. Alongside her comedy work she is a passionate campaigner for mental health awareness.

Burton is an assured performer, with an easy-going charm and a confident storytelling style’ – List ‘Burton shows the world it’s cool to be kind

Sunday Mail
Juliette burton defined



Main Talent :

Juliette Burton

Directors :

Tom Brandt

Producers :

Juliette Burton

Writers :

Juliette Burton

Genre :

Comedy, Stand Up

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 


Copyright : 

NextUp Comedy 2019

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