Maija DiGiorgio: Maija! Maija! Maija!

Maija DiGiorgio: Maija! Maija! Maija!

Follow Maija DiGiorgio as she examines the complexities of what it means to be a mixed race, multicultural woman. Through her witty nature and playful charisma, she tackles such topics like dating, family, and daily observations in a way that is hilarious, entertaining, and in a dialect any culture can understand. Maija grapples with everyone’s expectations of her, which can be quite different depending on whether they are from New York or LA, Christian or atheist, immigrant or native, and Black or white. In her first year doing stand-up, Maija took the comedy world by storm taping five national TV appearances and has never looked back.

Maija! Maija! Maija! by Maija Digiorgio
Aug 16, 2022
  • ComedyDynamics

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