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Pedja bajovic the balkan brain

Pedja Bajović: The Balkan Brain

You thought you already knew enough about the Balkans; or simply never bothered to learn anything about it? You’re not to blame as the images were mostly those of war atrocities, too many historical references, ongoing crime with much corruption and not so much teeth. However, is there anything funny at all about it? Delivered in a hour-long show by one of their natives, in a manner best described by its slogan: Filthy Mouth. Clean Heart. Balkan Brain!

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Pedja bajovic the balkan brain

The Balkan Brain


Main Talent :

Pedja Bajović

Directors :

Aleksandar Nikoloski, Pedja Bajović

Producers :

Oliver Romevski, Pedja Bajović

Writers :

Pedja Bajović

Genre :

Comedy, Diversity, Foreign, Stand Up

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Rating : 

Not Rated

Copyright : 

© 2021 Aetas d.o.o.

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