Roz Browne: I’m Roz Browne

Roz Browne: I’m Roz Browne

In her debut stand-up comedy special, “Roz Browne: I’m Roz Browne,” Roz takes the stage with unapologetic wit and razor-sharp humor as she talks about life, family and relationships. Having started comedy in her early 30s, Roz, has plenty of material to draw upon, giving the audience side-splitting stories about growing up in a black neighborhood and then moving into an all white neighborhood. She talks about trading in her work as a Certified Public Accountant to be a stand up Comedian, She also looks back on her childhood, reflecting on a Dad that liked to be out and a sometimes overbearing Mom. She also shares stories about her junior high school days and being bussed to the suburbs. Last but not least she couldn’t have a first special without including material about marriage, dating and her special dog Tipp.

Oct 29, 2024
  • ComedyDynamics

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