The Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys are back with the new calls, new characters and the same Jerky Boys attitude! Johnny Brennan’s cultural phenomenon in the 1990s makes a comeback with their first new Jerky Boys album in over 20 years. Join Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tors, Frank Rizzo and a slew of new characters as they try to save the world, one prank call at a time!

About the Jerky Boys

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The jerky boys album


Main Talent :

Johnny Brennan

Producers :

Brian Volk-Weiss, Chris Mazilli, Johnny Brennan, Michael Epstein

Writers :

Johnny Brennan

Genre :

Buddy Comedy, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Satire, Stoner Comedy

Premiere : 


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About Jerky Boys

The Jerky Boys are an American comedy act from Queens, New York City, New York, whose routine consists of prank telephone calls and other related skits. The duo was founded in 1989 by childhood friends Johnny Brennan and Kamal Ahmed. After Ahmed left the act in 2000, the Jerky Boys continued on as a solo act featuring only Brennan, before going on a 19-year hiatus after the 2001 release of the franchise’s penultimate album, The Jerky Tapes. Brennan released a follow-up album of new material in November 2020.