After leaving Earth in the 80’s, Thorp (an alien with a sweet mustache and mullet) returns home to find his best friend Samantha. He heads to their old stomping grounds, the diner, the duckpin bowling alley, the lake, and even peers into his neighbor’s homes, but no luck. Thorp does notice how much the world has changed though. People are more connected to their phones than to each other.

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Main Talent :

Adrinne Lovette, Alice Callahan, Charles Grantham, Elise Hudson, Kim Blanck, Misha Calvert, Otoja Abit, Shannon DeVido, Sinem Gulturk, Walker Hare

Directors :

Dennis Donovan

Producers :

Diana Rivera Vera, Liz Printz, Walker Hare

Writers :

Walker Hare

Genre :

Comedy, Drama, Retro, Romantic Comedy

Runtime : 


Premiere : 


Copyright : 

© 2021 Thorp

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