Couch Survivor comedy album

Couch Survivor

A comedy that follows the executive of a failing, C-level, cable network, and the contestants in his . . .
Craig Ferguson Hobo Fabulous

Craig Ferguson Presents: Hobo Fabulous

This is an inside look at Emmy and Peabody Award winning comedian, Craig Ferguson, as he tackles . . .
Craig Ferguson Im Here To Help

Craig Ferguson: I’m Here To Help

Craig Ferguson unleashes his trademark stream-of-consciousness comedy before a sold-out crowd, riffing on fatherhood, Helen of Troy . . .
Craig Shoemaker Daditude album

Craig Shoemaker: Daditude

Craig Shoemaker makes the transition from manhood to parenthood in his latest one-hour comedy special, Daditude.
Craig Shoemaker The Last Stand Up

Craig Shoemaker: The Last Stand (Up)

A live finale performance from a 35 year stellar comedy career, given by the Lovemaster/Laughmaster himself – . . .
D.L. Hughley comedy album

D.L. Hughley: Clear

Politically insightful legendary comedian, D.L. Hughley, takes the stage at the Regency Theatre in San Francisco. Hughley . . .
D.L. Hughley Reset

D.L. Hughley: Reset

A brand new comedy special, featuring the world-renowned D.L. Hughley, one of the most popular and highly . . .
Damon Millard: Shame, Pain, And Love

Damon Millard: Shame, Pain, And Love

Raw and brutally honest is a good way to describe the stand-up comedy of Damon Millard. From . . .
Dan Cummins Don't wake the bear comedy album

Dan Cummins: Don’t Wake The Bear

Dan Cummins sets to impress with his new release, Don’t Wake The Bear. Cummins offers the audience . . .
Dan Cummins - Get Outta Here; Devil! album

Dan Cummins: Get Outta Here; Devil!

In his third hour special, comic and podcaster Dan Cummins presents some of his most outrageous material . . .
Dan Levy Lion comedy album

Dan Levy: Lion

Dan Levy works his way from a zebra to a lion in his new special. From his . . .
Dan Levy Running Out Of Minutes

Dan Levy: Running Out Of Minutes

Funnyman extraordinaire Dan Levy’s debut stand-up album “Running Out Of Minutes” releases his talents as he introduces . . .
Dan Mengini Been There Dumb That Album X

Dan Megini: Been There, DUMB that!

Not smart enough to do any more with his overactive brain, Dan Mengini is stuck using plastic, . . .
Dan St Paul Mocking The Suburbs Album X

Dan St. Paul: Mocking the Suburbs

Dan St. Paul has been chronicling his life on stage for 30 years. After turning fifty, he . . .
Dana Gould: I Know It’s Wrong

Dana Gould: I Know It’s Wrong

Dana Gould takes on the absurdities of modern life through a pop-culture obsessed lens. Unapologetic and off-the-wall . . .
Daniel Eachus A Mild And Skinny Guy Album X

Daniel Eachus: A Mild and Skinny Guy

Daniel Eachus talks about weird jobs, strange fears, and how to prank restaurants all through the lens . . .
Daniel Muggleton Let Me Finish

Daniel Muggleton: Let Me Finish

Daniel Muggleton’s long-awaited debut album, Let Me Finish, was recorded live at The Comedy Store in Sydney, . . .
daniel muggleton Let's never hang out comedy album

Daniel Muggleton: Let’s Never Hang Out

Australian comedian Daniel Muggleton returns to his hometown Sydney to record his debut special ‘Let’s Never Hang . . .
Daniel Muggleton Unprecedented

Daniel Muggleton: Unprecedented

One of the most exciting and prolific voices in Australian comedy, Daniel Muggleton has returned with his . . .
Daniel Spencer Dear Amy Album X

Daniel Spencer: Dear Amy,

A special special dedicated to a special lady.