Ginger Minj: Bless Your Heart

Ginger Minj: Bless Your Heart

International Drag Superstar, Ginger Minj, discusses dysfunctional family etiquette, haunted dolls and the infamous “Florida Man” in this hilariously honest musical memoir of her Southern Baptist upbringing. Best known for appearances in DUMPLIN, Hocus Pocus 2, and RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ginger breaks out of the werk room and takes center stage to tell her story as only she can.

Peppermint: So-SIGH-ety Effects

Peppermint: So-SIGH-ety Effects

Follow Peppermint as she invites you on an all-inclusive journey through New York City to get a first-hand look at what it’s like to be a single black transgender woman in today’s society. Peppermint invites you to cry and laugh with and at her as she tells Tales of love and heartbreak from the stage to the bathroom stall. Drawing audiences to one inevitable conclusion, “hey at least I don’t have it that bad!!”

Bebe Zahara Benet: Africa Is Not a Country

Bebe Zahara Benet: Africa Is Not a Country

In her debut standup show, pioneering entertainer BeBe Zahara Benet recounts immigrating from West Africa to America through a series of hysterical sketches, unexpected audience interactions and razor shop social commentary. Settle in for a raucous journey from the Motherland to…Minnesota. No baggage fees required.

Darienne Lake: Altered Boy

Darienne Lake: Altered Boy

RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Darienne Lake shares intimate but hilarious anecdotes about her life; from growing up as the middle child in a large catholic family, to coming out at an early age as a drag queen and finding her chosen family and life purpose through humor and self revelation.

Monét X Change: Fist of Glory

Monét X Change: Fist of Glory

Join Queen Monét X Change in her debut stand up special where she takes you on a comedic romp about playing the pink power ranger in Brooklyn, being inherently “very gay” before coming out, and watch as she dazzles the audience with a live Opera performance about fisting.

Jinx Monsoon Comedy Special Poster Square

Jinkx Monsoon: Red Head Redemption

Follow Jinkx Monsoon through the weaving tale of her booze addled, sex-filled, gender defying life. In this (extremely) candid standup special, Jinkx shares her experiences as a trans-femme, non-binary, alcoholic, ethical slut. You’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about her journey of self discovery– leading her to her husband, sobriety, and to be the first queen to win Drag Race twice! AND she sings!

Coming To The Stage - Season 10

Coming To The Stage – Season 10

Coming To The Stage, Comedy Dynamics’ first original series, is back with an exciting 10th Season! Host Jamie Kennedy introduces a new group of up-and-coming comedians who people WILL be talking about tomorrow. This season features Cameron Peloso, Ryan Hicks, Django Gold, Felicia Folkes, Flip Schultz, Mike Lawson, Frank DeCaro, Shanna Christmas, Jodi Miller, Ahri Findling, Mookie Thompson, and Angie Stocker. Plus, Comedy Dynamics’ very own, Mr. Microphone is back in action!

Kellen Erskine Zoomed Out

Kellen Erskine: Zoomed Out

In a comedy special released mid-pandemic . . . Kellen Erskine talks about more important stuff: roller coasters, cows, and robot vacuums. Enjoy this immersive comedy experience as Kellen asks the audience about their worst fears–and getting answers you’ve never heard (Clouds? Really?). With a mix of relatable and (hopefully) unrelatable material, and his quick responses to an unpredictable crowd, Kellen Erskine executes a unique performance on a unique night.

Earthquake Practice Album X copy

Earthquake: (Practice) The Secret Files of Earthquake

Earthquake is one of the most recognizable entertainers around and for good reason! There aren’t many comedians who can bring you to tears. His straightforward comedic style has propelled him into sold-out shows, movies, and various television shows. Earthquake is at his best in his all-new stand-up special (Practice) The Secret Files of Earthquake. He talks about everything from dropping a nuclear bomb to divorce bringing laughs all along the way.


Maija DiGiorgio: Maija! Maija! Maija!

Follow Maija DiGiorgio as she examines the complexities of what it means to be a mixed race, multicultural woman. Through her witty nature and playful charisma, she tackles such topics like dating, family, and daily observations in a way that is hilarious, entertaining, and in a dialect any culture can understand. Maija grapples with everyone’s expectations of her, which can be quite different depending on whether they are from New York or LA, Christian or atheist, immigrant or native, and Black or white. In her first year doing stand-up, Maija took the comedy world by storm taping five national TV appearances and has never looked back.

KatrinaDavis Album X

Katrina Davis: Figuring it Out

Join comedian and writer Katrina Davis as she shares her observations about coffee shop hygiene, the embalming process, and the freedom that comes with discovering your dumbest self. Let the discomfort of flawed humanity envelop you in laughs as you relate to someone raised in Florida and realize they’re just like you. Seen on America’s Got Talent, Comedy Dynamics’ Coming To The Stage Season 9, this special marks Katrina’s one-hour debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

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Miz Cracker: Here I Stand

In her brand new stand-up comedy special, Here I Stand, drag queen and comedienne Miz Cracker discusses everything from sex and dating to quarantining, dieting, and getting older. With her signature brand of cheerful pessimism, she tells jokes and stories about her bizarre childhood, her vices, her worst mistakes, and how she managed to survive it all. Embracing a message of self-acceptance, Here I Stand is a show for anyone who needs to laugh out loud—sometimes at themselves.

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Steven Michael Quezada: The New Mexican

Follow the NEW Mexican ! award winning actor and stand-up comedian Steven Michael Quezada as he reveals his hilariously painful realities of married life, raising three teenage daughters, being a touring comic and Breaking Bad star.

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Gary Owen: Black Famous

Gary Owen is BLACK FAMOUS and avoiding a process server! As if COVID and the global pandemic wasn’t enough, Gary has been in the middle of a very public divorce and family insanity unlike any other. From catching COVID to running out of shows to watch, this special is full of riotously funny real life stories you’ve come to expect and love from Gary, but now even more raw and hard hitting. Until now, Gary hasn’t been able to speak about the rumors, the process server, and his sex life after divorce, but Gary likes to say this story has a twist… wait for the ending!

JackieFabulous Square

Jackie Fabulous: Menoplause

Whether it’s needing new friends or lying your way into a relationship there isn’t a situation Jackie Fabulous hasn’t found herself in. Jackie’s hilariously relatable comedy has landed her in front of audiences across the country. From appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to late night sets at The Comedy Cellar her talent is undeniable and not to be missed. Join Jackie for an hour of laughter in her new special.

Gondelman Album X copy

Josh Gondelman: People Pleaser

Josh Gondelman just wants everyone to have a good time. People Pleaser, his debut comedy special, hilariously explores the pressures of appearing in friends’ dreams, having new enemies, and choosing the right wedding DJ. If you’ve enjoyed Gondelman’s appearances on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, or his award-winning writing for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Desus & Mero, you’ll love looking at him while he tells jokes out loud.

BillBellamy Album X

Bill Bellamy: I Want My Life Back

Live from Tribeca Bill Bellamy delivers an incredible hour of standup comedy. “I Want My Life Back” delves into the complexities of life in this new day of quarantines, mandates, and the new normal. He makes us appreciate the simple happiness we all shared before our lives changed forever, one laugh at a time. Bellamy started doing stand-up while he was a student at Rutgers University. He quickly discovered how much he enjoyed making people laugh and has never looked back. Bill made a name for himself on HBO’S Def comedy Jam and a number of television/film appearances including HBO’s Insecure and hosting NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In between acting in feature films, TV shows and hosting duties, Bill stays on the road performing stand-up comedy across the country.

HelenHong Album X

Helen Hong: Well Hong

Comedian/actor Helen Hong spent Covid quarantine trying to date doomsday preppers, stealing her dog’s Xanax, and trying to teach the world that China is not the only country in Asia. She also had a baby… kind of. (But don’t tell her Korean parents). Best known as a regular panelist on NPR’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” and for appearances on “Silicon Valley” and “Never Have I Ever,” Helen’s special was taped at the Tribeca Festival in NY, one of the first events to re-open the city post-lockdown.

CocoaBrown Album X

Cocoa Brown: Famous Enough

Join comedian and actress Cocoa Brown on the hilarious roller coaster ride of dating and parenting during the pandemic. She delivers the 4-1-1 on dating double standards, the fun and fails of dating younger men and surviving four walls and an eight-year-old while in quarantine as only she can in her highly anticipated comedy special. Known and loved for her breakout roles in “Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club,” FOX’s number one drama “9-1-1” and the hit Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” by Mindy Kaling, Brown showcases her comedy perfection in this one hour special taped Live from Tribeca in New York City.

I mom so hard comedy album

#IMomSoHard Live

Comedians Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the viral webseries #IMOMSOHARD bring you their 2-person stand-up show filmed live at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI. The two share their honest and self-effacing humor on topics ranging from friendship, periods, sex after marriage, body image, and parenting failures. Combining stand-up, improvisation, the audience’s own purses, and wine, the high-energy show unites their almost entirely female audience in a collective sigh of relief and uproarious laughter. Because, hey: You’re not in this alone, ladies. Jen and Kristin will be your best friends, because you need friends to survive motherhood.