Jeff Cesario You Can get a hooker tomorrow night comedy album

Jeff Cesario: You Can Get a Hooker Tomorrow Night

Comedian Jeff Cesario is known for hilarious standup routines that feature everyman-style observations about a variety of subjects ranging from sports to marriage to his Wisconsin upbringing. This program captures Cesario in his own standup concert special YOU CAN GET A HOOKER TOMORROW NIGHT

Harland Williams What A Treat

Harland Williams: What A Treat

Stand-up comic Harland Williams (a familiar face from films such as There’s Something About Mary, Down Periscope and Sorority Boys) takes center stage at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles for a riotous evening of laughs. Featured topics in this gut-busting set range from everyman observations on fingernails and fried food to musings on dating and the Pillsbury Doughboy.