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Christian Finnegan: Show Your Work

SHOW YOUR WORK is a standup special about playing the hand you’re dealt. Filmed in a tiny backyard at the height of the pandemic, Christian Finnegan brings his brand of hilarious and insightful ‘social autopsy’ to topics that range from the dumb (pharmaceutical names, baguettes) to the super dumb (QAnon). More than that, SHOW YOUR WORK celebrates the determination to keep moving forward when the world has gone haywire. Onward!

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The Awkward Comedy Show

A performance documentary spotlighting four alternative African-American comics, The Awkward Comedy Show showcases a category of black comedian rarely witnessed: the nerd variety. Featuring Victor Varnado, Hannibal Buress, Eric André, Baron Vaughn and interviewed by Marina Franklin, these comics bring to their routines the arrogant street-wise swagger of computer programming, Shakespearean drama, and playing the tuba.