Pedja Bajovic The Balkan Brain comedy album

Pedja Bajović: The Balkan Brain

You thought you already knew enough about the Balkans; or simply never bothered to learn anything about it? You’re not to blame as the images were mostly those of war atrocities, too many historical references, ongoing crime with much corruption and not so much teeth. However, is there anything funny at all about it? Delivered in a hour-long show by one of their natives, in a manner best described by its slogan: Filthy Mouth. Clean Heart. Balkan Brain!

Brian Aylward Big In Asia album

Brian Aylward: Big In Asia

Filmed live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, “Big In Asia” is the first stand-up comedy special from internationally acclaimed comedian Brian Aylward. A Newfoundland native with the gift of gab, Brian shares a huge sack of hilarious stories from his adventures throughout Asia. Brian is also a former Canadian Comedy Award winner for “Best Stand-up Comic.” It’s all original, brilliantly observational comedy that bridges the cultural gap. Expect the unexpected from one of stand-up comedy’s new breakout stars.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

Aja, a clever young street magician from Mumbai, sets out on an extraordinary journey when his mother passes away, to find the father he never knew. He discovers love in a Swedish furniture store in Paris, mortal danger with Somali migrants in England, fame on a dance floor in Rome and adventure in a hot-air balloon over the Mediterranean sea. In the end, he realizes life’s true treasures – and who he really wants to be.


Slut In A Good Way

Following in the footsteps of classic independent films like Clerks and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Slut in a Good Way follows three teenage girls exploring their first taste of freedom: Charlotte, the recently heartbroken, Megane, the anti-love anarchist, and Aube, a virgin who dreams of love — all three smitten by the guys at the “Toy Depot.” After applying for their first part-time job at the store during this one fateful summer, the three girls experience for the very first time what it is like to make their own decisions and their resulting consequences.

Ruta madre

Ruta Madre

Based on a true story, Ruta Madre chronicles the magical odyssey of Daniel, a talented young Mexican-American singer, and his cynical uncle Rodrigo. After his first love breaks his heart, Daniel reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego, California and embarks on an epic road trip through Baja with his uncle in order to reconnect with his Mexican roots and find himself. Ruta Madre is a cinematic love letter to Mexico that conveys a resounding message of love, family and a celebration of culture.

Ricardo Quevedo Los Resentidos Somos Mas

Ricardo Quevedo: Los Resentidos Somos Más

Ricardo Quevedo’s comedy is atypical, loaded with energy, and it makes you feel envious, loveless, anger and bitterness, among other feelings that humans prefer not to feel. It is based on the simplest element for the comedian, “laughter” as it is the best tool to ease our lives. Some of the things that make Quevedo laugh are the simplest in life, so his comedy is the same with stupid things, stupid jokes, and stories out of the ordinary.

Luis Álvaro: Una Superestrella de la Comedia

Luis Álvaro: Una Superestrella de la Comedia

Una Superestrella de la Comediais a performance of one-liners and musical numbers in the form of Luis Álvaro’s fast-paced mental reflections on the absurdities of life. The Spanish comedian’s plays on words and absurd characterizations of the world around him are like watching Steven Wright on fast-forward, but with the addition of piano, guitar and the artist’s signature stuttering style. Luis Álvaro can and will ruminate on anything, which makes pinpointing a single joke from Una Superestrella de la Comediaalmost impossible. Despite this, Luis Álvaro’s album takes the audience from a gentle, disjointed stutter to a roaring musical finish. Una Superestrella de la Comediawas recorded live by Micstream at, fittingly, one of Madrid’s top punk rock venues.

Catalina Guzman Soy Mujer

Catalina Guzmán: Soy Mujer y Hago Show

In her debut album, Soy Mujer y Hago Show, Catalina describes herself as the guru of failed romances, always ending up with the crazies, weirdos and mama’s boys. Catalina also discusses society’s pressure for women to look perfect, which is probably why women torture themselves with things like uncomfortable underwear. As Guzmán reveals, a man can either have a beautiful woman or a calm and collected one, but never both. Soy Mujer y Hago Show was recorded live in Bogotá, Colombia for a crowd of over 500.