Celeste Barber Challenge Accepted Showtime

Celeste Barber: Challenge Accepted

Actor, Comedian, and Social Media Super Star, Celeste Barber explains the story behind some of her most famous images, her new relationship with famous people, the trolls, fans and comments that get under her skin.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir

Aja, a clever young street magician from Mumbai, sets out on an extraordinary journey when his mother passes away, to find the father he never knew. He discovers love in a Swedish furniture store in Paris, mortal danger with Somali migrants in England, fame on a dance floor in Rome and adventure in a hot-air balloon over the Mediterranean sea. In the end, he realizes life’s true treasures – and who he really wants to be.

Marry Prankster Live At The Ottobar comedy album

Mary Prankster: Live at The Ottobar

After a twelve-year absence, beloved Charm City cult hero Mary Prankster returned to the stage for one night only for this sold-out 2017 performance, celebrating the 20th anniversary of legendary Baltimore punk club, the Ottobar By turns profane and poignant, witty and wise, Prankster showcases the incisive lyrics and raucous energy that made her a staple of the MidAtlantic live scene and the legacy that endures in her legion of fans. Featuring a special guest appearance by Baltimore songstress Val Yumm, copious audience participation, and a set culled from all four of her independently-released albums, this three-camera shoot by local production company Mind In Motion captures the homecoming of an incomparable artist to a singular venue.

Nicole Blaine Lifes A Bit comedy album

Nicole Blaine: Life’s A Bit

Nicole Blaine, a thirty-something mother of two, follows her dream of being a stand-up comedian… by turning her daily motherhood fails into comedy bits on the stage. In this original stand-up comedy special, Nicole Blaine bribes her own real-life-children and husband to play the parts that they inspired for her jokes. They all suck so she has great material. After all, Life’s a Bit*%

Tammy Pescatelli back to high school

Tammy Pescatelli’s Way After School Special

Tammy went back to her hometown and performed at her high school. It’s easy to make strangers who found you in success laugh, but how about people who knew you before puberty? In an 80s flashback, this former captain of the cheerleaders became the most likely to make you laugh!

The Social Ones comedy album

The Social Ones

A love letter to our generation, this mockumentary comedy follows five social media celebrities preparing for a group cover shoot four weeks away. In the spirit of Christopher Guest, the film takes you inside the lives of the Influencer stars of the issue in the weeks leading up to the photo-shoot. All goes awry when one of them has a social-media induced breakdown that forces all to face the question of why we are all so consumed with social media. Are we humans or handles?

Fielding Edlow Can't say Sl*t comedy album

Fielding Edlow: Can’t Say Sl*t

Fielding Edlow has fought her way across the dystopian hellscape of LA to say the unspeakable about her husband, her “friends” & her 7 year-old “nightmare”. If we can’t say sl*t anymore, what are we supposed to call it…the “friendly years”?

Astsuko Okatsuka but i control me comedy album

Atsuko Okatsuka: but I control me

Atsuko Okatsuka’s new comedy album, But I Control Me, gives us insight into the creative mind of a comedian who delivers her unique brand of observational and relatable comedy in a tidy package of stories about why Detective Pikachu destroys filmmaker’s dreams and how she occasionally touches tongues with dogs in Silverlake.

Jenny McCarthy Dirty Sexy Funny comedy album

Jenny McCarthy’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny

Several popular female comedians like Tammy Pescatelli, Lynne Koplitz, Paula Bel and Tiffany Haddish shed some light on what it’s really like to be a woman.

Maria Bamford weakness is the brand album

Maria Bamford: Weakness is the Brand

Maria Bamford is back and subjectively better than ever! Weakness is her brand, so get ready to feel much better about yourself. This Lady Dynamite explodes onstage (after 2 (two) naps with her husband Scott and 2 old, pillowy dogs). Let her be the poor example from which your greatness can be determined.

Yes, there are certain people in society who have a tremendous amount of talent. You combine that with an unbelievable work ethic, it is greatness. Is that really that interesting? Haven’t we seen it before? Einstein, Beyoncé, the Muppets, Japan. I adore a two-star experience. There is a deli down the street from our house. I believe it is called the Super Crap Shitty-Ass Liquor Store.

Maria Bamford

[normal voice] My husband, Scott, he doesn’t like to act, so I do most of it. Second sexy scene. Living wage.

[imitating Scott] “Okay, uh, all right. We’re in a massage parlor. Oh, right. Human trafficking. Uh, I think it’s legit. I know it’s in a strip mall, but there’s water in the fountains, orchids are real. You seem happy. You lead me into a room, and you just start working on my back. You can go hard. Use your elbows.”

Maria Bamford
2 in the Bush album

2 in the Bush: A Love Story

Emily has just been dumped by her girlfriend, kicked out of her apartment, and fired from her job. Her best friend hooks her up with a new gig: personal assistant to a dominatrix. But when Emily falls for her new boss — and her new boss’s boyfriend — she must decide what risks are worth taking for love. 2 in the Bush is an unconventional romantic comedy about dungeons, a fish named Archimedes, and the many forms that love takes.

Lost Holiday comedy film

Lost Holiday

Margaret and Henry are back home in Washington DC for the holidays. At a Christmas party of old high school friends, Margaret discovers that her ex-boyfriend is now engaged. With her holiday mood ruined, Margaret and Henry ditch the party to go score some drugs. What starts as a night of debauchery evolves into a self-indulgent quest when the two friends become convinced that they are the only ones who can solve the kidnapping of a neighborhood socialite.

Joann Schinderle: Dark Jeans

Joann Schinderle: Dark Jeans

Throughout her stand up career, JoAnn Schinderle has been known for her affable stage presence; watching her on stage feels like your best friend letting you in on a dirty secret. DARK JEANS, Schinderle’s first recorded comedy album was created out of spite. “Menstruation jokes are hack”, says the comedy world…And to that Schinderle said, “hold my menstrual cup”. DARK JEANS is 45 minutes of hilarious and sometimes jaw clenching menstruation fueled jokes. From poignant bits about how workplaces should provide period products to stories about a lover discovering a forgotten tampon during foreplay…if there’s one thing JoAnn is, it’s grossly relatable.

Alice Wetterlund: My Mama is a Human and so am I album

Alice Wetterlund: My Mama Is A Human And So Am I

Follow comedian / actor Alice Wetterlund as she reveals her personal struggles with peeping toms, cat-rearing, alcoholism and the secret alien conspiracy behind new country music in her breakout comedy special. Best known for her scene stealing roles in HBO’s “Silicon Valley” and the comedy ensemble film “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”, Wetterlund shines in this tour de force hour long special taped at the Gothic Theater in Denver, CO.


Slut In A Good Way

Following in the footsteps of classic independent films like Clerks and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Slut in a Good Way follows three teenage girls exploring their first taste of freedom: Charlotte, the recently heartbroken, Megane, the anti-love anarchist, and Aube, a virgin who dreams of love — all three smitten by the guys at the “Toy Depot.” After applying for their first part-time job at the store during this one fateful summer, the three girls experience for the very first time what it is like to make their own decisions and their resulting consequences.

Bad Vegan and The Teleportation Machine comedy album

Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine

Comedy proving grim, Lily reunites with Spike, a high-school nerd turned handsome physicist. Spike convinces her to work with him on his Teleportation Machine which a major corporation intensely pursues. Lily and Spike fall in love, craziness ensues and Lily is eternally augmented

Free To Laugh power of comedy after prison

Free To Laugh

Free to Laugh is a short documentary about the power of comedy after prison. The film follows a comedy workshop teaching improv and stand up to women on parole and probation – an underrepresented community and a voice seldom heard. Free to Laugh exposes the deep connection between tragedy and comedy and how humor is a part of redemption and reinvention.