DomHolland AliveInTring Album 3000X3000

Dominic Holland: Alive In Tring

Dom’s all charm and chuckles in this expertly crafted hour performed to his home town crowd (with some father son interviews thrown in for good measure.) Slick observational humour, hilarious audience interaction and physical comedy capers abound whilst Dominic interrogates some of life’s most pertinent questions, like how does one manage to stay alive in the Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire borders?

DominicH GloryYear Album 3000X3000

Dominic Holland: The Glory Year

With his innate charm, comedic mastery and focus on laughs over chin strokes, Dom’s Glory Year is perfectly condensed into a glorious hour of giggles. Just your regular, down to earth Hollywood Dad, Dom’s son Tom as the latest Spiderman is (annoyingly) doing all the high flying for him. Expect expertly delivered observations and gags aplenty in this affable, feel good special.