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Eddie Izzard Catalog

Eddie Izzard: SEXIE
A live performance of Eddie Izzard’s 2003 world tour, performed in front of an Eastbourne audience.

Eddie Izzard: Live At Madison Square Garden
Eddie Izzard is one of only four comedians to ever play Madison Square Garden and she is the only one from England. This live sold out show was the final stop on her “Stripped” tour. . .

Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley
Eddie Izzard, the transvestite king of comedy, comes roaring back with all of her wry wit and absurd observations in one of her biggest shows ever. Performed in front of a sell-out crowd of over. . .

Eddie Izzard: Glorious
A number of words derived from the alphabet making a sentence in which to try and explain Eddie Izzard. Make of it what you will.

Eddie Izzard: Stripped
The acclaimed comedian of the surreal performs another unique stream-of-consciousness monologue in this latest live outing. Eddie ponders, among other things, the history of the world, cows in cars, and the existence of God.

Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable
Unrepeatable was recorded one night at the Albery Theatre in March 1994, when Eddie Izzard was playing a limited seven week sold-out run of his celebrated stand-up show. A completely new show from her previous. . .

Je Suis A Stand-Up: Eddie Izzard Abroad
BBC2 documentary of Eddie Izzard’s first foray into world touring. Beginning in her “hometown” of Eastbourne and and culminating in his month long show in the East village of New York, Izzard travels to Paris. . .

Eddie Izzard: Dress To Circle
A one-hour rough-cut of Eddie Izzard’s Dress To Kill show in Paris (spoken in French). Previously released on the Dress To Kill DVD.

Eddie Izzard: Circle
Live comedy with the master of sublime weirdness, Eddie Izzard, recorded in New York, 26 June 2000.

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story
Believe chronicles comedian Eddie Izzard’s rise to fame from her early influences – losing her mother to cancer at a young age before being sent with her brother to boarding school to his close present. . .

Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill
Eddie Izzard spins free-flowing jokes about San Francisco, transvestitism, squirrels, American optimism, Hitler, the British royal family, mass murder, and Stonehenge–and that’s only the first 30 minutes. Izzard romps through human history and transforms surprisingly. . .

Eddie Izzard: Definite Article
This superb DVD was recorded at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, when Eddie was in the middle of her sell-out 12 week run.

Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure
Eddie Izzard returns to stage in 2013 with the biggest stand-up comedy world tour ever & her best live performance yet, Force Majeure Live. Filmed during her mammoth 2013/14 tour around 27 countries, Force Majeure. . .