Njambi McGrath African in New York

Njambi McGrath: African In New York – Almost Famous

Kenyan Njambi Mcgrath delights with hilarious accounts of experiences of moving from Kenya to New York City to attend university and her experiences of race relations in America. The show is a delightful combination of light observational comedy and an exploration of more serious topics such as racial prejudice and FGM. Winner of NATYS 2019, Njambi was voted 1 of 5 top female comedians to watch by Fabulous Magazine 2012. ‘A show that deserves to be seen’ – Fringe Review

Njambi McGrath: Accidental Coconut

Njambi McGrath: Accidental Coconut

The delightful Njambi McGrath doesn’t shy away from the tricky questions in her 2019 show ‘Accidental Coconut’. A whistle-stop tour of African history, the show explores the juxtaposition of people mourning from the loss of former glory and those mourning how that former glory impacted on their lives ripping apart their innocence. In a time when the British public are re-examining who they are, it is poignant to see comedy that tackles the story and experience of coming from the other side of the empire.

Njambi BreakingBlack Album 3000X3000

Njambi McGrath: Breaking Black

One of the hottest African born comedians out there, Njambi is a cutting edge voice on the comedy circuit. With acerbic anecdotes about life in Kenya, living in a white neighbourhood and the global impact of the British Empire, this compelling comic delves into her experiences as a black woman in post-Brexit Britain. A satisfyingly layered show with one liners that pack a real punch.