Eddieizzard gracenote x
  • 2 years ago

“My whole theory of the universe is about circles, and anything that circles ’round tends to be good: the circle of life, circle of the...

Jim gaffigan announces
  • 3 years ago

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster will hit the streamer on Dec. 21, just in time for Christmas. The special, which was written, directed, and performed by...

Jim gaffigans next comedy special
  • 3 years ago

Following the success of “King Baby,” “Beyond the Pale,” “Mr. Universe,” “Obsessed,” and “Cinco,” “Comedy Monster” is Gaffigan’s sixth special available on Netflix, with the...

Rhys darby mystic time bird
  • 3 years ago

“I’m proud to be working with Comedy Dynamics as I release this, my most personal, yet possibly, most ridiculous special, which honours my dearest Mumsy,”...

Iconic albums comedy dynamics and comedy central
  • 3 years ago

“This exciting partnership with Comedy Dynamics will enable Comedy Central to unleash the rich and expansive content in our vast library of comedy’s greats to...

Show your work christian finnegan
  • 3 years ago

“Show Your Work is a labor of love — or if not ‘love’ exactly, it’s a labor of whatever weird stuff we’ve all been feeling...

Fatimah taliah nice to meet me amazon x copy
  • 3 years ago

“Fatimah is clearly a rising star in the comedy world and this special goes a long way in solidifying that fact,” Brian Volk-Weiss on Nice...

Screen shot at pm
  • 3 years ago

Al Lubel is a sharp joke writer. One of my favorites goes something like this: “I don’t vote because I don’t think my vote counts....

Sam tallent wfdtcu amazon x copy
  • 3 years ago

According to the official release, Waiting for Death to Claim Us “follows America’s dogged stand-up scion Sam Tallent through 13 different venues across America from...

Mentally al a documentary film
  • 3 years ago

“We are excited to finally share the story of one of the comedy world’s most singular and enigmatic figures” Edelman noted. Added Brian Volk-Weiss, founder...

Cork comedian ross browne
  • 3 years ago

“Ross has proven himself to be a rising star in the comedy world and we think this special will go a long way in solidifying...

Eddie izzard wunderbar
  • 3 years ago

“I’m very happy to have my comedic body of work and our Emmy-nominated documentary Believe to be available with Comedy Dynamics for all of North...

Pete lee tall, dark, and pleasant
  • 3 years ago

The special dives into Lee’s outrageous struggles with people pleasing, relationships, sex, drugs and motion-sensor sinks. – Deadline

Brian volk weiss on productivity quality control
  • 3 years ago

Fast forward a few years and Brian Volk-Weiss is still not only heading Comedy Dynamics, creating shows for multiple outlets and directing acclaimed comedy specials,...

Bill bellamy helen hong
  • 3 years ago

The two entities partnered up in early 2020 to produce original stand-up comedy specials that were slated to be filmed at the annual fest. But...

Blunderpuss comedy album
  • 3 years ago

Mike Bruton is a clown with a drinking problem. Seriously — a real clown. Eager to pick up where he left off after a stint...

Harrison greenbaum: live at madison square garden
  • 3 years ago

Only days before the global lockdown, Harrison Greenbaum became the first magician to ever sell out Madison Square Garden, performing the most expensive and over-the-top...

Rick overton’s set list
  • 3 years ago

In Rick Overton’s Set List, Rick has to improvise an entire comedy set based on topics he’s never seen before. Rick has toured all over...

Live at the tribeca festival
  • 3 years ago

“We had a blast working with the amazing team at Tribeca for our 2020 Comedy Drive-In at the Rose Bowl and we’re excited to be...

Comedian ester steinberg
  • 3 years ago

“My biggest problem throughout my career was just always exposure. I feel like I am finally getting the exposure I need.” Steinberg said – Tampa...

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