Bill hicks flying saucer tour vol 3

Los Angeles, CA

Bill Hicks: Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 3


Comedy Dynamics will release Bill Hicks’ previously unreleased comedy album Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 3 October 26th on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and many other platforms.

On the morning of June 20, 1993 after a weekend of tests, Bill received
the final diagnosis from his doctor that he had pancreatic cancer. That
same evening at an open mic night this show was recorded in West Palm Beach, Florida. True to how Bill would live out the rest of his life, he chose to not focus on his illness but to put his energy into his craft;
he always said he felt most comfortable when he was on stage.

With American comedian Bill Hicks, there was always an awareness of other people, of how our society links together. With this came an idealism and a vision of what the world could be. But first he had to slay all the “fevered egos” polluting the planet. He saw himself as a flame, Shiva The Destroyer, using comedy as a weapon to expose truths and show people how governments are screwing us every day of our lives. He also happened to be achingly funny such was the accuracy of his comedy. At the age of 13 Bill Hicks did his first gig. Six weeks before his death, aged 32, he did the last. In the intervening years he frequently did over 250 gigs a year. He tried to reach as many people as possible, to put them in touch with inner and outer space in a majestic flight of One Consciousness thinking. Those he inspired haven’t lost the ability to take a ride.

Comedy Dynamics, a Nacelle company, is one of the largest independent comedy production and distribution companies, producing Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History, Animal Planet’s Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson, the new scripted comedy on Hulu, There’s… Johnny!, History’s Join Or Die with Craig Ferguson, MTV2’s Wild ’N On Tour, and Hulu’s Coming To The Stage. In 2018, Comedy Dynamics began releasing original films in theaters starting with the acclaimed documentary, Poop Talk. The company has worked with a wide range of established and emerging comedic talent including Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Aziz Ansari, Jim Gaffigan, Katt Williams and many more. In total, 12 of Comedy Dynamics’ releases have been Grammy-nominated, with 2 wins.



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