Poop talk comedy
Los Angeles, CA |


Docu-comedy, Poop Talk, is set for theatrical release nationwide on February 16th 2018.  Comedy Dynamics will release the film considered to be this generation’s The Aristocrats.  Poop Talk is an open and honest look at a taboo topic in today’s society: poop.

The documentary gives an inside look at all-things poop, from uncensored, embarrassing moments to scientific explanations recounted by 50 experts and comedians, including Kumail Nanjiani, Nicole Byer, Adam Carolla, Rob Corddry, Nikki Glaser, Pete Holmes, Jonah Ray, Jordan Rubin, Eric Stonestreet, Randy and Jason Sklar, Nick Swardson, Dr. Drew Pinsky and many others. It’s an authentic and hysterical exploration into how we as a society deal with poop and what it reveals about who we are.  

Comedy Dynamics will release the film theatrically into New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other markets in conjunction with a worldwide VOD release. The film was directed by Aaron Feldman, produced by Sammi Edelson and Aaron Feldman and executive produced by Party of 7 Entertainment, Bobby Stewart, Randy and Jason Sklar, and Jordan Rubin. The film screened successfully at The Lower East Side Film Festival and was acquired after a competitive bidding situation at the Toronto Film Festival.

In launching the theatrical arm of our company we wanted to find the perfect film that answered the following three questions; Was it smart? Was it funny? Was it original? In Poop talk we found the perfect movie that screamed ‘yes’ to what we were looking for, and we’re proud to be distributing it!

Comedy Dynamics CEO and President Brian Volk-Weiss