King cnut album
Los Angeles, CA |


Comedy Dynamics announced today it has acquired the comedy documentary King Cnut from Evandro Rosolen.

When fashion industry giant French Connection launched their new logo FCUK, comedian Dave Griffiths thought it’d be funnier if instead, it said CNUT. Inspired by friends, fellow comedians and his fans, Dave starts producing and selling his own CNUT t-shirts. It wasn’t long before French Connection found out about it. The only thing is, they didn’t find it quite as funny. King Cnut looks into how bullish and intimidating big brands can sometimes be.

“It’s really exciting to have Comedy Dynamics take on our film. With their endless track record in quality comedy, they seem like the perfect fit for King Cnut!” said Evandro.

Called a remarkable true David and Goliath story by Time Out, King Cnut was the only documentary selected in the Breakthrough category by London Screenings. The documentary was directed by Evandro Rosolen and produced by Evandro Rosolen and Dave Griffiths.