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Eddie Izzard: Live At Madison Square Garden

Eddie Izzard is one of only four comedians to ever play Madison Square Garden and she is the only one from England. This live sold out show was the final stop on her “Stripped” tour of 2010. In Eddie’s own words, the show is “about everything that has ever happened… with a few gaps” as she runs through social commentary, witty observations and quite a few “off the subject” tangents. From God & politics to history and even ancient Latin, Eddie s genius shines in this tour de force.

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Eddie Izzard: Live From Wembley

Eddie Izzard, the transvestite king of comedy, comes roaring back with all of her wry wit and absurd observations in one of her biggest shows ever. Performed in front of a sell-out crowd of over 44,000 over 4 nights at Wembley Stadium in London, Eddie never lets up the funny as she deals with the important issues ranging from Medusa’s hair care, fighting sharks, dentistry, and the universal hatred of houseflies. Eddie’s unique delivery keeps the audience in stitches even during her pauses, demonstrating again why she is one of the top comedians in the world. Sexie Tour Wembley features the master of comedy at the top of her game.

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Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable

Unrepeatable was recorded one night at the Albery Theatre in March 1994, when Eddie Izzard was playing a limited seven week sold-out run of his celebrated stand-up show. A completely new show from her previous thirteen week run at the Ambassadors Theatre the year before, she played to 34,000 people and received more rave reviews than last time.

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Eddie Izzard: Dress To Kill

Eddie Izzard spins free-flowing jokes about San Francisco, transvestitism, squirrels, American optimism, Hitler, the British royal family, mass murder, and Stonehenge–and that’s only the first 30 minutes. Izzard romps through human history and transforms surprisingly complex ideas into biting satire–as well as knockout bits of sublime frivolity, like describing the movie Speed entirely in French. Her mercurial patter is sprinkled with four-letter words, but her twinkling glances make this more mischievous than crude.