JimmyOYang GHM Album 3000X3000

Jimmy O. Yang: Guess How Much?

Jimmy O. Yang is back and better than ever in his follow up comedy special “Guess How Much?” where the actor/comedian talks about BTS, love languages, loser friends and negotiating . . .
ErikGriffin TheUglyTruth Album 3000X3000 copy

Erik Griffin: The Ugly Truth

In his first ever stand-up comedy special, Erik Griffin breaks it down while talking about himself, society as a whole and everything in between.
Theo Von No Offense

Theo Von: No Offense

Southern comedian Theo Von offers up a twisted take on his dating mishaps, meeting Brad Pitt, chasing down fugitive chimpanzees and more.
Erik Griffin AmERIKan Warrior album

Erik Griffin: AmERIKan Warrior

The comedian returns to flip convention on its ear! While eviscerating subjects like white guilt, the national anthem and the righteously religious, he’s simultaneously skewering his own sense of male . . .