Adam Ferrara Funny As Hell comedy record

Adam Ferrara: Funny As Hell

Veteran stand-up comedian and character actor Adam Ferrara takes the stage to regale his audience in Funny . . .
Al Jackson Baby Steps in a yellow tuxedo album

Al Jackson: Baby Steps in a Yellow Tuxedo

Al Jackson navigates you through life in his hilarious comedy special, Baby Steps in a Yellow Tuxedo: . . .
Alonzo Bodden Historically Incorrect album

Alonzo Bodden: Historically Incorrect

Alonzo Bodden returns with a hilarious look at the historical inaccuracies of the present and past from . . .
Alonzo Bodden Whos Paying Attention album

Alonzo Bodden: Who’s Paying Attention?

“Last Comic standing” star Alonzo Bodden tackles the absurdity of pop culture and the decline of western . . .
Anjelah johnson Homecoming Queen album

Anjelah Johnson: The Homecoming Show

Anjelah Johnson has been dazzling audiences on the big screen, on television and during her live performances . . .
billy gardell halftime album

Billy Gardell: Halftime

Billy Gardell, the star of CBS’ hit comedy “Mike and Molly,” returns home to Pittsburgh, where all . . .
Bobby Slayton Born To Be Bobby album

Bobby Slayton: Born To Be Bobby

Living legend Bobby Slayton is one of the most recognized, respected, and energetic comedians working today.
Bryan Callen Man Class album

Bryan Callen: Man Class

In his first one-hour comedy special Bryan Callen gives his unique take on how to be a . . .
Craig Shoemaker Daditude album

Craig Shoemaker: Daditude

Craig Shoemaker makes the transition from manhood to parenthood in his latest one-hour comedy special, Daditude.
Debra DiGiovanni Single Awkward Female album

Debra DiGiovanni: Single, Awkward, Female

Debra DiGiovanni is one of the fastest rising international comedy stars. A finalist on Last Comic Standing, . . .
Dominque Stop Me when i'm lying! album

Dominique Witten: Stop Me When I’m Lying!

From clubs across the country to the hit “Chappelle’s Show”, Dominique Witten is showing America what being . . .
Doug Stanhope No Refunds album

Doug Stanhope: No Refunds

Not all stand-up comedy is spot-cleaned and pre-packaged for the masses. Like the legends who were born . . .
Dov Davidoff Lower Your Expectations album

Dov Davidoff: Lower Your Expectations

In Dov Davidoff’s all new stand-up special, Lower Your Expectations, Dov returns with his one-of-a-kind frenetic style . . .
Erik Rivera Im No Expert album

Erik Rivera: I’m No Expert

Charming, charismatic and brutally honest, Erik Rivera is the hilarious best friend we all wish we had. . . .
Gina Brillon Pacifically Speaking album

Gina Brillon: Pacifically Speaking

Gabriel Iglesias presents a hilarious stand-up comedy special from the brash and beautiful Gina Brillon. Find out . . .
Gina Brillon: The Floor Is Lava

Gina Brillon: The Floor Is Lava

Gina Brillon has always had a unique approach to life’s ups and downs; handling them with a . . .
Hal Sparks Charmageddon album

Hal Sparks: Charmageddon

Hal Sparks has been called one of the top five stand-up comedians working today. His smart, straight . . .
Jamie Kennedy Uncomfortable album

Jamie Kennedy: Uncomfortable

Jamie Kennedy is hilarious as he reveals his life observations including his dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. He . . .
Jeff Dunham: Achmed Saves America

Jeff Dunham: Achmed Saves America

Achmed is having a very bad day. As if accidentally blowing himself up until he’s a talking . . .
Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity comedy album

Jeff Dunham: All Over The Map

In this documentary/stand-up special, Jeff takes his friends in the suitcase all around the world, performing in . . .