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Maureen Taran

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Maureen Taran Productions

Tammy Pescatelli: Finding The Funny
Wife and mother Tammy Pescatelli, winner of Comedy Central’s “Stand-up Showdown,” lives the same life that you do — except that she makes it seem hilarious in this spirited one-hour comedy special.

Shane Mauss: Mating Season
Shane Mauss, an honorary evolutionary psychologist, brings countless years of watching Animal Planet to aid in discussions of Snoop Dog, crouton factories, and other important things.

Myq Kaplan: Small, Dork and Handsome
Wise guy Myq Kaplan is Small, Dork and Handsome. The might of Myq’s manic comedy machine is sure to stupefy and amuse as he describes his skewed spin on the oddities of life. Filmed live. . .

Elon Gold: Chosen & Taken
Elon Gold unleashes his sharp, biting humor in his comedy special Chosen & Taken. His manic wit transcends race and religion to celebrate the absurd things people do.

Christian Finnegan: The Fun Part
The astute, foppy-sounding personal comedy of Christian Finnegan strikes a chord in his latest comedy special, The Fun Part. Disarmingly honest and brutally charming, Christian treasures every aspect of life – from traveling the globe. . .