Eddie Griffin: E-Niggma Album

Eddie Griffin: E-Niggma

E-Niggma features veteran comedian, film & television star, Eddie Griffin takes the television viewing audience inside The Sayers Club at the historic and Iconic Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for an intimate glimpse into the 10th year of his nightly residency “The Eddie Griffin Experience”. Sammy Davis Jr. himself along with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Lena Horne, George Carlin, Abbot and Costello and many more performed at this hallowed and historic landmark.

Coined “The Last of the Great Ones”, Griffin embodies the no holds barred unapologetic, wry, comedic storytelling style reminiscent of Redd Foxx, George Carlin and his mentor Richard Pryor. He takes the audience on a hilariously twisted journey that garners side splitting laughter while simultaneously delivering sociopolitical and hypothetical history lessons. Eddie Griffin has proven himself to be a comedic conundrum wrapped in an enigma; often imitated, yet never duplicated.

Eddie Griffin You can tell em I said it comedy album

Eddie Griffin: You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It

Eddie Griffin proves once more that he’s one of the world’s premiere comedic talents in this stand-up special You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It. Eddie unapologetically rips into everything from racial stereotypes to Viagra to the First Lady and will leave you gasping for air as he buzzes around the stage and literally climbs the walls. This stand-up special live from Oakland, California will keep you laughing long after he exits the stage and coming back to watch it again and again.