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Lavell Crawford: The Comedy Vaccine (Extended Edition)

All new Extended Edition! Lavell Crawford performs his 5th stand-up comedy special in Tempe, Arizona and he is not holding back about anything, especially COVID-19! Lavell shares his views on mask culture, fatherhood, and why 2020 was the best year to fart in public. Schedule your appointment now because The Comedy Vaccine is available! Side effects include shortness of breath and side aches from non-stop laughing.

Lavell Crawford New Look Same Funny! Extended Edition

Lavell Crawford: New Look, Same Funny (Extended Edition)

Lavell Crawford is back and he’s funnier and skinnier than ever. After losing over 120 pounds, he’s new and improved and ready to tell everyone exactly what’s what. From being a big fan of first-term Obama to telling the best way to deal with cops in 2019, there’s no denying that Lavell is the main man and a giant voice to be reckoned with.

Lavell Crawford home for the holidays comedy album

Lavell Crawford: Home for the Holidays

Lavell Crawford is home for the holidays in his new special! He discusses every holiday from what Christmas was like when he was a kid and the guilt everyone feels on Mother’s Day, to Thanksgiving, 4th of July and his family trips to Disneyland.